• Interview with Dr. Kelly Ablard about the VCC Urban Apothecary Learning Garden – Directed and filmed by Joe Babcock and Stephen Taylor, respectively (June 2016)

• Spotlight on Health: Kelly Ablard (Aug./Sept. – Raw Pet Digest, 2015) 

• Vancouver Community College Urban Apothecary Learning Garden (June, 2015) 

• Canadian Geographic magazine (April, 2013) “Cameras Record Wasps’ Mating Habits” by Tamara TarchichiKA image 1

• Science Daily (Jan. 8th 2013) “Females Tagged in Wasp Dating Game”

• British Broadcasting Company (Nov. 2012) Mysteries of Slow Loris Toxin

• Interview by Robert Tisserand (Dec. 16th 2011) “Essential Oils & Chemical Ecology”