• Kelly is joining the United Plant Savers Board of Directors! She is looking forward to representing the sustainable management of essential and carrier oil-bearing plants.
  • The documentary ‘Uncommon Scents’ is in its final production phase! Please help fund this amazing project by supporting Kristina Bauer and Angela Jensen Ehmke! Click here for more details.


  •  The Airmid Institute, is dedicated to the global education, research, and sustainable management of aromatic medicinal plants.
  • Plans are underway to obtain funding in support of the sustainable management of rosewood (‘Aniba rosaeodora’) in Peru. Kelly is working to conduct assessments, manage the sustainable growth, and harvesting of rosewood trees in partnership with the Shipibos, and the distillation and CITES approved trade of sustainably-harvested rosewood essential oil. Click here for more information on Kelly’s recent work in Peru.

Dr. Kelly

Kelly M. Ablard is a writer, instructor, independent researcher, certified aromatherapist, and she holds a Doctorate in Chemical Ecology.  Her work has taken her worldwide where she has learned about medicinal uses of plants and the vital role that chemical communication plays in the natural world. She was the first to create an educational program on urban sustainable agriculture in downtown Vancouver, B.C., and is the founder of the VCC Urban Apothecary Learning Garden, an educational venue for aromatherapy, the chemistry of aromatic medicinal plants, and for learning about the many uses of traditional medicine. Read more about Kelly here.